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Christmas Morning

Abby woke up bright and early; around 5:15, Ella awoke around 6:00, and we all went downstairs to see what Santa brought us. Ella seems delighted by the doll house santa’s elves crafted for her. 🙂

We also opened up gifts from grandma and grandpa Peterson (from Denver).

More to come later this evening I’m sure! Merry Christmas everyone!

PS. Bear with me as I figure out what video encoding scheme is best for use here. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject let me know.

Christmas Eve Night

Santa came to visit at Aunt Cathy’s house Christmas Eve night, to the surprise of the children (especially the 3 year olds, Abby and Rhory didn’t seem overly concerned either way).

A couple videos of the event are in the photo gallery. One of which, named barely disguised disappointment, details Ella’s reaction upon receiving what Daddy thought was a pretty sweet dump truck instead of the desired Barbie House…she’s not great about hiding her sentiment.

The other is a little longer video upon Santa’s arrival. Enjoy!

Ella’s picture

We celebrated Uncle Eamon’s birthday last weekend and Ella made him a card and drew some pictures on the envelope. I was sitting on the other end of the table but I am pretty sure this is how the conversation went …

Ella: Happy Birthday Eamon, this is for you. (hands Eamon envelope with picture she drew)
Eamon: Wow this is great, is this you?
Ella: No, that’s santa claus.
Eamon: Oh, is this me then?
Ella: No, that’s a christmas tree with decorations.

Ella didn’t seem to mind that he didn’t know what her drawings were supposed to be. She just explained it very matter of factly. Mommy was trying hard not to laugh too much 🙂


Our friend Crystal was kind enough to invite us to a breakfast with Santa at Wegmans where she works. It is a great Santa experience – they stagger people so everyone isn’t getting food or visiting Santa at the same time. The kids Ella, Abby, Sasha (Dave and Crystal’s daughter), Emily and Joey (Kim and Jesse’s kids) all had a good time especially the 3 older girls.

Lots more pictures from breakfast with Santa are here.