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Best Christmas Tree Ever

Ella is very excited about Christmas this year. We got out the Christmas decorations this past weekend. And Ella kept asking if we had more ornaments for the tree or more lights to put up. She kept saying “This is the best christmas tree mommy” and “Daddy, isn’t this going to be the best Christmas?”. More pics from our tree deocrating are in the photo gallery.
tree decorating

tree decorating

9 month checkup

The doctor says Abby is doing great and is ahead on her motor skills since she is crawling and pulling her self up, and insists on feeding herself. She thinks Abby will be walking before her 1st birthday especially since Abby will let go when standing up.

Official stats – she is still a chunk! Although I am not too sure of the height measurement, Abby was squirming around alot and did not want to be straightened out.
Weight: 21 lbs – 80%
Height 27.5″ – 45%
Head – 85%

Princess Bed

Here is a picture of princess Ella with her new princess bedding wearing her princess nightgown …

Ella would only sleep with a thin fleece blanket or two on her bed. And now that it is getting colder I noticed her legs/feet felt chilled when she got up in the morning. She refused to wear socks, warmer pajamas or let me put a warmer blanket on her bed though. But when I mentioned seeing a princess comforter at Walmart she immediately interested in going to get one. And it was no use trying to convince her to get the bright colorful cover with no characters on it, she wanted the princess one!

Abby is 9 months old

The official 9 month doctor’s visit is on the 23rd but here is a list of Abby’s accomplistments:

* crawling via a combination of army crawling, rolling, and traditional crawling
* standing for long peroids of time on her own
* going from sitting to crawling or standing on her own. Still working on going from standing to sitting in a graceful manner
* mama’s girl. Abby loves her mama and wants me to be at her beck and call ALL THE TIME. She also will occasionally say ‘mama’
* loves her sister. Ella is usually the one who can get Abby to giggle and laugh.

Abby 9 months

Abby 9 months

Worst sound ever …

I wish Abby’s 4 front teeth would just hurry up. Three of them have broken through the gum but are really slow to grow in. And the 4th hasn’t cut through yet. They seem to bother her quite a bit and she has started the very annoying habit of grinding her teeth. Everytime she does it a shiver runs down my back. It is right up there with fingernails on a chalkboard. So I am always trying to find something safe for her to gnaw on. The teething rings made specially for this situation don’t seem to cut it for her.