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Pooh and her cousin Piglet

Aunt Robyn had mentioned that Anya had a Piglet costume for Halloween. And since we had a Pooh costume that Ella wore for her first Halloween we decided some picture taking was needed! And then big sister/cousin Ella decided to get in on the picture action. We were all impressed with Anya’s walking. She had taken a few steps when we saw her a few weeks ago but she was walking all over the place this weekend.

pooh and piglet

pooh and piglet


Abby is working on some teeth – 4 of them!! She is getting the 4 middle ones on top. And they have been giving her a particularly hard time. So in turn she has been giving mom and dad a hard time. Now that 2 of them have broken through the gums she seems to be a slightly better mood. In addition she has been going through a mommy phase the last few weeks so I spend the day holding/playing with her or listening to her scream her head off if I do something else. Going to work is a nice break these days. 🙂

4 Great Grandkids

Nani and Papa (Jeremy’s mother’s parent’s) had their 62nd wedding anniverary this weekend. So we decided at the last minute to try and get a quick picture of the 4 great grandkids at our house this weekend. Not too bad considering Ella and Jack wanted to go play, Rhory kept trying to show off his crawling skills, and Abby was just confused as to what was going on.

4 kids

Strong Museum

Grandma Mindy came to visit this past weekend and we decided to show her, Unlce Mark, Aunt Robyn, and Cousin Anya how much fun the Strong Museum of Play can be. Abby has been with Ella and I before but this was the first time she had been in the little kid play areas. Usually it is just Ella, Abby, and I and Ella is too big for the area. Mark was disappointed that we didn’t have time to check out the old video game section. 🙂 Many more pictures here .




Saturday night after eating dinner we sat around talking with Grandpa Eric and Grandma Dot. I got Abby out of her highchair and was holding her on my lap. She started grabbing at the bowl with potatoes. Since we had already finished eating and there wasn’t that much left I let her go to town. Daddy got the camera and got some pics.


Ella Swims

Ella finished her first set of Tiny Tots swim lessons. Previously Mommy had taken her to her Water Babies but this time she had one-on-one lessons. She loved the lessons. I don’t know how well she listened to her teacher though. At the last class we got to watch and it looked like he wanted her to jump in the water and she wouldn’t do it. After class I asked her about it and she said she didn’t want to jump in. I told her “Maybe your teacher was sad that you wouldn’t jump in today” and she told me “No, he’s just happy I’m here today. I jumped in last time.”

ella swim

Abby Eating

Abby loves to feed herself now. If we are eating she wants to eat what we are eating and will just glare at us if we are eating something different. And she will not hesitate to grab at your food if you are holding her while she is eating. She nabbed a peanut butter cracker sandwich from me this week. The good news is she is not allergic to peanut butter! 🙂 Here is a video of her babbling and eating Cheerios. Notice the ‘vultures’ hovering around the high chair.

Abby Eating