“I call her Abby and …”

” Daddy calls her stupid.”

This is what Ella told the doctor yesterday. The doctor was looking at Ella’s nose (more on that in a minute) and asking her questions to distract her. One of the questions she asked her was “What is your sister’s name” Ella told her “Abigail Grace. But I call her Abby and Daddy calls her stupid” The look of shock and a little bit of horror on Jeremy’s face was priceless. The doctor kiddingly told him that she would have to call child protective services for that verbal abuse.

Ella’s nose – Yesterday morning I was in Abby’s room feeding her after her morning nap. Ella came in and I told her to go get dressed because we were going to go to the mall to get her some more pants now that the weather was colder. She came in and was trying to get her dress on, tripped and fell right into Abby’s bookshelf. When I looked at her nose you could see the line where she hit the edge of the shelf and her nose looked a little squished. No bloody nose surprisingly but I think she swallowed some blood. It was hard to get her to answer me. I took her into the doctor’s office (daddy met us there) to get it looked at. She doesn’t think it is broken but we will have to see what it looks like when the swelling goes down. It is pretty red and I told her it might turn purple in a day or two. She thought that purple would be pretty. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her now unless you ask her about it and then she will start crying.

One thought on ““I call her Abby and …”

  1. jeremy

    I was horrified and slightly miffed. I mean, if you’re going to blow me in for something at least make it something I actually do!

    On the upside everyone else thinks it’s hilarious. 🙂

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