Monthly Archives: August 2010

Hand, Foot and Mouth

It looks like Ella has hand foot and mouth disease which probably explains why she had been so whiney the last few days. Jack had it last week and it looks like he was nice enough to share. I’m sure Ella will return the favor with something else this winter. I kept checking her mouth last week after we found out Jack had it to see if she had any blisters and then stopped looking this weekend when she hadn’t gotten it yet. And then today Grammie found a blister in her mouth. No medicine for it just let it run its course. Just ice cream and popsicles for a sore throat. 🙂 Hopefully Abby will avoid getting it. Since she is still nursed she has a good chance of avoiding it or just getting a mild case of it.

I want it!

Abby is getting really animated about grabbing things now. If she sees something she wants she will go for it, divebombing out of your arms if necessary. At church on Saturday night she wanted her toy and then the plastic bag of puffs to eat and then the hawaiian shirt of the guy sitting in front of us.

6 months old

Abby is now 6 months old. Her 6 month checkup is not until the 23rd so we don ‘t have her official height/weight stats yet. But we think she is closing in on 20 lbs already.

Her latest accomplishement is sitting all by herself as shown below. She sit for several minutes but will then just tip over if she gets too tired or tries to reach for something outside her reach. Abby still loves to roll around on the floor and in her crib. It even looks like she is trying to crawl sometimes because she moves her arms and legs like she is crawling but she doesn’t have her tummy off the floor. And just this weekend we discovered that she can stand holding the coffee table. She continues to babble incessantly at times and still likes to suck her thumb when she is tired.

Abby sit

Ummm … Where’s the baby?

Something you don’t want to hear from your husband. 🙂 Yesterday Abby was being really cranky so Jeremy put her down on a blanket in the family room with some toys. She cried for a couple more minutes and then started talking/babbling. I could hear as I was sorting mail in the hallway. Jeremy went into the kitchen for something and when he came back he asked “Ummm … where’s the baby?”. Abby wasn’t on the blanket where he left her. She had rolled a couple of feet and was partway under a chair where he didn’t see her at first.


Abby is starting to get her 2 middle bottom teeth. You can see where the one on her left side has broken through her gum and the one right next to it is almost there. Maybe that explains why she has been cranky lately. Most of the time she is such a good baby but when she is not she is very bad. Abby’s got some lungs on her.