Abby – 5 months

Abby is 5 months old now. She has learned to roll over and is quite proficient at it now. She loves to roll onto her tummy in her crib and then cry and whine about it. She is never in the same spot where we put her down in her crib when she gets up. She has either rolled over, twirled around on her back or scooted up/down the crib. Abby is also working on sitting up. She can sit up alone for a few seconds before falling over. We are also working on solids. She seems to almost enjoy sweet potatoe and banana now, still not thrilled with the rice cereal.

A friend from church who is interested in photography asked if she good take some pictures of Abby and Ella. And who am I to turn down a free photo shoot? Here is a link to the pictures she took – Abby and Ella Pictures. Abby was not being the most smiley and cooperative baby but she still got some cute pics of her. And even the ones where Ella was trying to be a brat and pout look cute.

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