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cute pic

Abby has discovered her feet and she loves to use them. Anytime she is laying on the floor she is waving her feet in the air and grabbing onto them. And last week she discovered her ears. At first I thought maybe she had an ear infection because she kept rubbing her ear. But then I noticed she would get excited when she was rubbing her head and ran into her ear. So I showed her the ear on the other side of her head – how exciting!

Other cute pics:
cute pic

cute pic


Over the weekend Jeremy, Ella and Abby were sitting on the couch watching a Yankees game and I was doing something in the kitchen. When Abby start fussing a little bit Ella remarked “Daddy, Abby’s sad because your baseball is boring”. 🙂 I was almost crying I was laughing so hard.

Abby – 5 months

Abby is 5 months old now. She has learned to roll over and is quite proficient at it now. She loves to roll onto her tummy in her crib and then cry and whine about it. She is never in the same spot where we put her down in her crib when she gets up. She has either rolled over, twirled around on her back or scooted up/down the crib. Abby is also working on sitting up. She can sit up alone for a few seconds before falling over. We are also working on solids. She seems to almost enjoy sweet potatoe and banana now, still not thrilled with the rice cereal.

A friend from church who is interested in photography asked if she good take some pictures of Abby and Ella. And who am I to turn down a free photo shoot? Here is a link to the pictures she took – Abby and Ella Pictures. Abby was not being the most smiley and cooperative baby but she still got some cute pics of her. And even the ones where Ella was trying to be a brat and pout look cute.

Claire’s tumor

We got good news on Friday evening, Claire’s tumor is a benign basal cell tumor. Surgical extraction will be curative. The vet was nice enough to call Friday evening before her vacation to let us know the biopsy results. It is a slow growing tumor so we are going to wait and schedule the surgery once the our vet is back from vacation.

Logical Ella

Yesterday Lily got sick and threw up on the carpet (or course), heaven forbid she move 6 inches to the right and throw up on the linoleum. I explained to Ella that Lily probably ate something she shouldn’t have and now her tummy was upset. Ella said “Oh, maybe it’s the dog poop” And she later added “or the mouse”. Yes, Lily has been known to sample poop. But she’s done it before so I doubt that’s what made her sick. And I don’t think she has actually eaten a mouse. I took the 2 mice the dogs caught away from them before they could actually ingest them. But they are both logical guesses as to what could make Lily sick.

Abby’s Got Something to Say

Here is a cute video of Abby chatting. She doesn’t usually talk too much but once a day or so she will get in the mood and will just talk and carry on for 10 minutes.

Here is a link to the video if you are not using Internet Explorer AbbyTalk

P.S. In case you didn’t catch it, Abby’s onesie says “Strips are Slimming”. And we don’t think she looks anything over the 95th percentile. 🙂 (She was >97% at her last appointment)

Abby rolled over

She finally got her 17 lbs to roll over! She had done it once or twice on the bed but today was the first time she did it on level ground. Ella and I were outside eating lunch while Abby laid on her back on a blanket next to us. Ella and I went to go throw our lunch leftovers into the woods for the birds and when we came back Abby was on her tummy at the edge of the blanket trying to eat grass. But of course she wouldn’t do it again while I watched.

Here is Abby resting after her exciting afternoon of rolling over.

Ella update

So I thought I would do an update on Ella.
– She is doing great with the potty now aslong as it on her terms. Heaven forbid if I ask her to try and go to the bathroom before we loeave the house.
– We have been trying to work on manners so she says “Excuse me” and “Sorry” all the time, even if it isn’t necessary. Today she told me “Excuse me mommy. Sorry but I need to go play with my ponies”
– She loves to pick wild flowers from the empty lot next door and flowers from our garden.

More cute Ella pics in the photo gallery here.


I noticed I hadn’t really posted any pics of the girls in June. I checked my computer and noticed I didn’t really take too many in June. I will have to do better in July, especially of Abby since she changes so fast.

Here is a picture of Abby trying rice cereal for the first time. She was not impressed! She had this look on her face like “This is it? This is what I have been watching you eat? This stuff sucks!”. She liked sweet potatoes and applesauce a little better but now much, I felt like I was forcing her to eat. So we backed off of the solids for a little bit and will try again in a week or two.

abby food

And here is one of Ella.