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God Bless Abigail Grace

Abby was baptized on Sunday April 18th at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. All went well, Abby barely even woke up when Grandpa Greg poured water on her head. A cake was provided at the church and we had family and friends over for brunch afterwards. Pictures have been uploaded to the photo gallery here. The ones from the church are a little grainy because we couldn’t use flash during the service.

abby baptism dress

Abby wore Grammie Carol’s baptismal dress. The one that mommy and Ella wore was too small for her chunky arms. 🙂

It’s Official:Abby is Chunky

Abby had her two month appointment on Friday. Her vitals were 22 3/4″ tall (although she didn’t want to assist in this measurement and we think she’s a bit taller), which is the 60th percentile, and 14 lbs, 9 oz, which is above the 97th percentile. She’s obviously not starving!

Pictures from her baptism this weekend will follow later today or tomorrow.

You know your child should be potty trained when . . .

She can change her own diaper. Yes, it is true Ella changed her own diaper yesterday. And she did a pretty decent job too. She could be potty trained if she really wanted to, she does really well when SHE wants to. We decided to hold off telling her no more diapers until after things were settled with the new baby and now I think it is best if we wait until after we get back from Hawaii. At this point it would be easier to have her in diapers with full days of traveling instead of newly potty trained.

What you said?

Ella’s favorite phrase has become “what you said?”. She will ask you it several times in a row and have you repeat what you said if she didn’t hear it or understand it or sometimes I think she says it ‘just because’. I suppose it is just a matter of time before she starts asking “why” all the time.

Easter Trip

We took Abby on her first road trip this past weekend to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Altamont NY. Mark, Robyn, Anya and Oscar also made the trip. Grandma Mindy was happy to have all 3 granddaughters in the house at once.

On Saturday afternoon Ella had her own personal Easter Egg Hunt.
Easter Egg Hunt

The girls all wore their Easter finest on Sunday morning. Here is Abby with her big cousin Anya. It is amazing what a difference 2 months makes at this point. Anya is much more aware. Aren’t they cute?

And here are some cute pictures of the Ella and Abby in the dresses that Grammie Frick bought for them. We did have to bribe Ella and let her bring Easter candy to church in order to get her to sit for the photos.
Easter dresses
Easter dresses
Easter dresses

There are more pictures in the April 2010 photo album.