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5 weeks

I think we have a thumb sucker . . .

5 weeks

I’ve caught Abby sucking her thumb probably an average of once a day the last week or so. I keep trying to encourage the pacifier (because it is much easier to take a pacifier away once they are a year old) but without much luck. She’ll take the pacifier every once in a while but usually goes *suck* *suck* *blahhh* and spits it out.

Abby is doing well, getting chunkier ever day. But I guess i would too if I was eating EVERY 3 HOURS round the clock! Every few days we get a night where she has a 4 hour stretch but we also get 2 hour stretches sometimes. I think her cousins Anya and Rhory should have a talk with her about sleeping longer. 😉

Abby is 1 month old

Abby had her 1 month doctor’s appointment today. The doctor said she is doing great. She said Abby seems to have some residual jaundice but that it should probably be cleared up by her next appointment in a month. And Abby is doing just fine weight wise, she put on almost 2 lbs (30 oz to be exact) in the past 2 weeks. Well at least the feeding every 2 hours that she was doing for the past few days has paid off. 🙂 And she did sleep for 2 4-hour stretches last night so mommy feels more rested today.

1 month stats:
10 lbs 5 oz
21 inches

And here is a picture of Abby sleeping in her carseat after we got home from the doctor’s.
4 weeks


Hi everyone! Evidently I had accidentally set the comments so you had to be registered to post them, but disabled registration! Ooops…

Anyway, I’ve changed it so you can post comments on any of the posts, but they do have to be approved before they’ll be added so we can avoid any undesirable type comments from posting bots and junk.


Ella has decided it is fun to play with toothpaste and lotion. 3 times now we have found her “painting” with toothpaste in the bathroom on the counters and her little potty. And she will climb on stuff to try and get stuff that we put out of her reach. We now have to lock the bathroom so she can’t get in there unless one of us lets her in. She is worse now than she has ever been about getting into stuff. And I let her use various types of paint or play with water in the sink and make messes. But evidentally that just doesn’t compare to using toothpaste.

Here is a picture of Ella playing more appropriately. 🙂
Ella playing