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Yesterday Ella and I were watching Monsters vs. Aliens during her afternoon quiet time. At one point in the movie the president does this funky keyboard trying to communicate with the aliens. Ella thinks it is hilarious. Her comment yesterday was – “A piano outside, seriously?!?” She even had the right inflection for the ‘seriously’, she sounded just like her daddy.

Kicked out

Abby has been kicked out of mom and dad’s room. She had been sleeping in a bassinet in our room but she is a really loud sleeper. She signs and grunts for a quite a while (a hour+) before falling into a deep quiet sleep. I wasn’t getting much sleep which was OK while Jeremy and my mom were around so that I could nap during the day but now that mom has gone back home and Jeremy is going back to work I need to sleep at night. So Abby has been moved to the crib in her room with the baby monitor set so I can’t really hear her grunts and groans but I can hear her is she cries. It’s a bit more of a pain to get up and nurse but at least I can sleep in between feedings.

Abigail Grace’s Birth Story

Most people reading the blog have probably already heard this but I wanted to have it written down somewhere . . .

Thursday February 11th I woke up with contractions that were stronger than the contractions I had been having for the past week and a half. As I got up and got ready for work they seemed to be getting stronger so I stopped and timed them. They were 3 -4 minutes apart. So I called Jeremy and warned him that it might be the day. I decided that I would go to work and see how things went. I had been to the hospital the previous weekend with contractions that were consistently 4 minutes apart but weren’t causing me to progress and I didn’t want to spend another couple hours in triage for nothing. And I was supposed to help interview for my replacement when I was out on maternity leave that morning at work. But as I was getting ready to leave to drop Ella off I decided that my contractions were getting strong enough to cause me to stop and breathe through them that maybe I shouldn’t be driving. So I called Jeremy and he came back home to pick me and Ella up.

We dropped Ella off at Grammie Frick’s house and headed to the hospital. At the hospital my contractions were 3 minutes apart and were getting stronger. The hospital midwife came by and checked I was 3 cm dilated and she put me on IV fluids to try and calm the contractions down in hopes that I could go home since I was only 36 weeks and 3 days. But the nurses told me they thought I would be having a baby that day especially since my first child was a 37 weeker. That was fine by me especially since I had just found out I did indeed have ICP (Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy) and there is a slight increase chance of a stillborn baby. After a little while the doctor on call for my obgyn practice came by and checked and I was 5 cm so there was no question I was having a baby that day. The doctor and midwife thought that Abby was probably 7 -7.5 lbs and the midwife kept hinting at trying a VBAC. But after having pushed with Ella for 3 hours and then ending up with a C-section under general anesthesia I decided to stick my original game plan and go ahead with the C-section. Which ended up being a good decision since Abby was 8 lbs 3 oz and facing the wrong way just like her sister had been. The spinal worked much better than the epidural I had with Ella and I was able to be awake and see Abby right after she was born.

The pediatric nurse took her to the NICU and put her on oxygen because she was having a little trouble breathing which wasn’t a huge surprise since she was a little premature and didn’t get squished in the birth canal. Abby wasn’t on oxygen for long and was soon breathing room air but they wanted to watch her in the NICU for a while and keep an eye out for jaundice. But luckily Abby was able to come with mommy 3 1/2 days after she was born.

Abby is 1 week old

Abby 1 week

Knock on wood things seem to going pretty well. Abby is eating well and sleeping OK but I wouldn’t complain if she wanted to sleep longer between feedings at night. Ella is adjusting pretty well, she really loves her sister. She has had a few meltdowns when we won’t do exactly what she wants when she wants but we had those before the baby arrived. We’ll have to see how things go when Jeremy goes back to work next week.

Ella’s First Dentist Appointment

Daddy took Ella to her first dentist appointment yesterday and said she did great. The dental hygienist showed her how all the tools work and Ella even got to try out some of them. They counted all her teeth – she has 20, and even used the spinning brush a little bit. And when she left Ella got a toothbrush, toothpaste and a prize (a pink plastic bracelet).

Everyone’s Home…

Abby and Mom were released from the hospital on Sunday and Ella and Daddy were there to take them home. We got back home around noontime on Sunday.

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and she weighed in at 7 lbs 12.25 oz at 19 1/2 inches, which they said was basically as average for both weight and height as you can be.

Abby seems to be definitely more happy being held than her big sister was as a baby.

Speaking of big sis, Ella is incredibly interested in everything about Abby and just seems to adore having the baby around. It’s really cool to see how she’s reacting to it all.