Monthly Archives: August 2009

Baby #2

I think that most everyone who reads Ella’s blog probably already knows, but in case you didn’t, we are expecting baby #2 the beginning of March 2010. We had the first prenatal appointment last week. My doctor usually only does 1 ultrasound at 20 weeks and you can’t hear the heartbeat yet so the appointment was a bit disappointing. Ella has been told but we haven’t really hyped it up too much since it is still early. But at one point I asked her if she would like a baby at our house like Mark/Robyn and Julie/Eamon. She told me “I already have a baby” and pointed to her baby doll. Guess we have some work to do to prepare her. 🙂

I do not like Steak and Corn.

I will not eat them in a house, I will not eat them with a mouse . . .

It took Ella 3 hours of whiney and asking for any other food under the sun before she would take 1 bite of steak and corn. The house rule is you have to eat a bite and if you really don’t like it you can have something simple like eggs, yogurt or fruit to eat instead. But you do not get to order mac and cheese or pancakes. Mommy and Daddy are not short order cooks. We listened to 3 hours of “I want a hot dog, I want fruit snacks” before she got hungry enough to eat the bite of steak and corn I had saved for her. And after she ate it she said “I like steak”. So in honor of her dinner behaviour we read “Green Eggs and Ham” before bed. Which was literally right after she ate dinner at 8:00.