Monthly Archives: May 2009

Veggies and Fruit Snacks

We were at the park yesterday and Ella saw a little girl climbing up a rock wall. Previously when we had been at the park she tried to climb it but couldn’t do it on her own and I told her when she was bigger she would be able to do it. And we talked about how eating fruits and vegetables makes you get big and strong. But something must have gotten lost in translation because she was telling the girl “I do it when I get big, need to eat veggies and fruit snacks”.

Daddy farted

I forgot to post on Monday after it happened . . .

I went to get Ella up from her nap on Monday and her room was stinnnnky! I said “it smells like someone pooped”. Ella looked at me all cute and said “Daddy farted”. Once I stopped laughing I told her that was a good one but she should save it for an occasion when Daddy was actually home. 🙂