Monthly Archives: February 2009

New House

So daddy says that mommy is a pushover. I saw a Step2 playhouse in the Kmart ad that was actually reasonably priced. I have been watching craigslist for a while but hadn’t found one that wasn’t already sold. Who spends $499 on a plastic playhouse for their kids? Jeremy says the $139 we spent was too much. But we didn’t get her anything for her birthday and I know she will use it a lot over the next few years. For now it is in our sunroom but once it is nice and we get a patio or yard it will go outside.

Ella eating breakfast with Elmo . . . Ella with her Elmo family (she chose the sweater and we weren’t going anywhere that day, I don’t usually put her in way too small tops) . . . Lily visiting the new digs


2 year checkup

Ella had her 2 year well child checkup today. She charmed the pants off of the doctor and med student. They said she was the most outgoing 2 year old they had seen. She was handing out books and showing them where the hands and feet were on a poster.

The statistics are:
weight – 30 lbs, 85th%
height – 34.75″, 75th%
head – 49.5cm, 90-95th%
BMI – 17.5, 75th%

They do BMI for a 2 year old? That seems a bit young to me. But I guess with the number of overweight kids they need to do it for the parents.(?)