Monthly Archives: January 2009

More Tech Stuff

Hey Ella watchers…we’ve just completed a hosting switch. If you see anything odd, missing, or otherwise out of the ordinary about the site let me know (a reply here would be fine). We’ll also be attempting to get the domain pointed here properly again, an issue our previous web host seemed to have a huge problem with.


I decided to buy Ella some underwear (or “unders” as she calls them) to wear around home the days she feels like sitting on the potty. I chose some with Elmo on them. I brought them home and showed them to Ella and she decided since they have Elmo on them they must be for Elmo. So she puts a pair on her Elmo. I just know where I am going to find some underwear with a picture of Ella on them for Ella. 🙂

Opening Christmas gifts

As usual I am late with getting pictures up, but here are some pictures of Ella opening her Christmas gifts.


Yes she is holding her “cute” (her word) overalls and using her new wooden knife to open up another gift in the last one. I guess she must take after her daddy because opening a christmas gift with a knife is something he would think was a good idea. 🙂