Monthly Archives: April 2008

First car

Ella is obsessed with her first car, a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. It’s red with a yellow top, quite stylish! Cousin Jack got 2 for his birthday and Ella was having fun playing in it so we bought one of Jack’s. It might have been a mistake because all she wants to do is play in it all day. One night she was mad because I wouldn’t let her eat her chicken, carrots, and mac&cheese in the car! Here she is in her new car, and taking Teddy for a spin.

coupe1 coupe2

Monkey needs a bath

Ella has started to pick up, hug, and carry around various stuffed animals. Last week she was carrying around her pink monkey and a bear. She wanted to put them in the bathtub of the downstairs bathroom. I told her they weren’t bathtub toys and we went into the dining room to play. I had to let the dogs out and when I turned around Ella was heading into the dogs’ room. I followed her and this is what I found –

I guess she thought monkey REALLY needed a bath!


The weather has actually been pretty nice here the last few days and Ella is obsessed with going outside. She will cry and throw a mini tantrum if I tell her she can’t go outside or if we have to come inside to eat/nap. She loves to just walk around in the yard and play with her ball.

I have to go, I think Ella is playing in the dogs waterdish again . . . I will have to post about another waterdish experience later today.

An update!

It has been brought to my attention by several people that there hasn’t been an updated on Ella’s blog in a while so here we go . . .

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago but they were a surprise for Grandma Carol’s birthday so I had to wait until after we gave her the gift.  Cousin Jack was getting his pictures taken and Ella tagged along to get in a few of them.  Luckily she eventually stopped crying, she would start everytime I set her down in front of the camera, and we got a few pictures of her with Jack.  And we got 1 of her by herself where she looked cute so of course I had to get it.  🙂