Monthly Archives: March 2008

Happy Easter

I put Ella in her Easter dress last week and took some pictures.  I have been playing around with some digital imaging stuff in hopes of doing a scrapbook of Ella’s first year.  So I thought I would start on a smaller project and make an Easter card.  It is pretty simple but it’s a start.  And more stuff would detract from the cute baby.  🙂

Visit with the kitties

Sorry Grandma Mindy and Grandpa Greg, but I believe the kitties were the biggest hit with Ella this weekend.  But someone I don’t think that the reverse is true!  Poor Holly and Newton.  Well they  should be fully recovered just in time for our Easter visit in 3 weeks.  Here are a few pics from our visit this weekend.  The blue dress was mommy’s and was made by Great Grandma Lois.