Monthly Archives: February 2008

Peanut Butter, yum!

Jeremy and I are bad parents, we have introduced Ella to peanuts and peanut butter before she was 3.  She has had no other food allergies and there seem to be more and more studies saying it doesn’t help to wait on introducing allergy prone foods.  Ella wasn’t sure about it at first, but now she likes it.  Although I don’t know how she can make so much mess with a peanut butter sandwich (see below).

First Ear Infection

Ella has had a runny nose off and on for the last three weeks so I decided to go in and have them check her ears in case she had an ear infection.  She hasn’t had a fever or other symptoms really but I didn’t want her to have one and need to get it checked out when we were in Altamont this weekend.  The ear she has been playing with (which I have heard is a myth anyways that kids pull on their ears when they have an ear infection?) was clear.  But she did have a little bit of inflammation in the other ear and since she still has a runny nose they didn’t want it to get worse and have us come back.  So she is on antibiotics.  The doctor did also say that it looks like she is getting one of her molars which is good to know since she won’t let us look in her mouth.

Earning her keep

So now that Ella can walk Jeremy and I have decided she needs to earn her keep, so we got her a job at Wegmans.


 Just kidding, she is playing at the Strong Children’s Museum.  They have a mini wegmans where the kids can pick out groceries and then ring them up at the register.  We went with cousin Jack, Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Julie, and Uncle (to-be) Eamon.  Aunt Nicole had to work   🙁  I guess we will all have to go back again so she can play too!  Here are a few more pictures of Ella and Jack playing and riding the train with Jonatahn.


Yoga Baby

Ella has started standing up without pulling up on anything.  What a big girl!  For those of you who know yoga poses she does a downward dog and walks her hands back to her feet to stand up.  Ella is so flexible she could probably do all those yoga poses.  Unlike her mom who needs to modified poses for some of them.  🙂

Birthday Girl

I sent out a Snapfish link to everyone with all of my pictures and my mom’s pictures from Ella’s birthday weekend, let me know if you didn’t get it.  But here are a few of my favorite pictures.


This is from Friday afternoon when Grandma Mindy and Grandpa Greg arrived.  Ella had lots of fun pulling out the tissue paper.  In fact she pulled out the clothes and tossed them over her shoulder in order to get to more tissue paper.  But that must have fulfilled her present opening for the weekend because she had no interest in opening her gifts on Saturday.

 Ummmm, cake!

A year ago…

…today you were born.  Happy Birthday Ella!

I was driving home from work this evening and thinking, “Last year at this time we were heading to the hospital.”  Sarah and I talked about it a bit this evening as well.  Time flies, especially when you’re enjoying it.

Here’s a recent picture, taken early this week:

Ella at 1 year.