Monthly Archives: January 2008

Walking Like a Champ

Ella is now officially walking like a champ.  She really even tries to run a bit, but sometimes I think she gets a little scared at her newfound rate of motion and overcompensates and ends up wobbling drunkenly.

In other news, Sarah took her in to get 1 year pictures taken last week, which turned out to be an exercise in trying to get a cranky baby to smile at least once for the camera.  Not fun.  Anyway, we tried again yesterday and had better success.  🙂

The pictures are available on the PortraitSimple website (, check under Eastview if the following link doesn’t work:

Big Girl Shoes

Ella went and got fitted for her first pair of “real” shoes yesterday.  She is a 4.5 Wide.  She wasn’t too sure about them at first but now she seems to have gotten the hang of walking with them on.  The sales lady at Stride Rite said that she may start walking more on her own now that she has more supportive shoes.  We shall see.  Ella has been taking a  few steps on her own while playing to move from the couch to the ottoman for the past week or so.  But God forbid you try to set her down and not hold her hand.  She will just start crying and eventually just sit down.

I have been so bad about updating Ella’s blog.  I have some photos and a video that I have been meaning to add for the past week.  Hopefully I will get them up tonight.

Walk Hard

Ella is still working on this walking thing.  While she walks like a champ when holding someone’s hand (albeit rather stiff legged), she still does not want to do it by herself, preferring the comfort of someone following her around as she determines where to go next.  When Sarah and I try to get her to walk by herself between the two of us she just plops right down and cries–I told her crying is for babies but that didn’t help.

Anyway, we’re hoping she’ll be walking around all by herself in the next couple of weeks…maybe in time for her first birthday!