Monthly Archives: December 2007

Ring Stacking

We were at Grandma and Grandpa Frick’s house last weekend when I noticed that Ella was trying to put the plastic rings from her stacker toy on the post.  Maybe Grandma had been working on this with her?  Ella managed to get it on and off a few times.  And yesterday she put them all on the post.  Mommy did help a little in pointing out which ring should go next.  Ella was so excited and would stop to clap and ‘yeah!’ as she was going.  She’s cute and smart!

Ella’s Choice

Ella’s latest favorite activity is walking around holding 1 of my fingers and stopping to pick up items she sees on the floor (toys, clothes, an empty soda bottle, etc.).  Yesterday she was holding her purple hippo when she found her blanket in her bag.  So we stopped and she grabbed the blanket with her other hand.  But then she realized that she didn’t have a free hand to grab onto to mine and she does not want to try and walk on her own.  It was like it was Sohpie’s choice the way she was debating between the 2 items.  She stuck with the hippo which was probably a good choice because it is much harder to walk trying to hold a blanket up. 

 And what winter would be complete without putting your baby in a cute jester hat?



First Morning at Daycare

Ella had her first full morning of daycare today.  Our neighbor April has started offering daycare in her home and agreed to watch Ella for 4 hours on Monday mornings so that I can have a longer stretch of time dedicated to working from home.  Grandma Carol would probably have agreed to watch her more during the week but I thought it would be good for her to be around the other kids.  April said she did pretty good but that it got a little loud for her at one point with the 4 older girls running around playing.  And Ella likes their kitty, Ash.  Daddy said Ella can’t get a kitty of her own though.  🙁