9 month checkup

20 lbs 6 oz – 75th % 

27.5 inches – 75th %

Ella’s 9 month appointment went very well.  Her height and weight are at about the same percentile now.  Her head is still big though.  I forget what the measurement was, but it was in the 90th percentile.  What can I say, she takes after her daddy.  🙂  Ella is right where she should be or a little bit ahead.  The doctor was impressed with Ella’s pointing at things , she said it is usually closer to 1 year before  babies do that.  Ella also made it very difficult for the doctor to listen to her heart, she kept grabbing the stethoscope, and then the ear and eye checkers.  We have been given the ok to give Ella yogurt/cheese, egg yolks and meat.