Monthly Archives: November 2007

Pumkin Pie, Yum!

Ella enjoyed her first thanksgiving.  She had some holiday soup, turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, dinner roll, a couple bites of mommy’s raspberry jello, and pumpkin pie.  Ella loved pumpkin pie, she would start screeching if I wasn’t feeding her fast enough.  She thought climbing Grandma’s stairs and playing with the Thanksgiving decorations was more fun than sitting at the table or talking with family. 

Teeth are dangerous.

Yesterday as I was getting Ella and the dogs ready for a walk, Ella was crawling around in the kitchen.  I got the dogs harnesses on and then turned around to get Ella’s jacket when I heard her start her “I fell and scared myself” cry.  I went and picked her up and she had blood on her mouth!  She had been crawling so she couldn’t have fallen far.  She wouldn’t really let me look in her mouth and after I wiped off the blood there wasn’t anymore coming so I was somewhat reassured.    It looks like she bit her tongue with those new teeth (she’s getting the front 2 now).  I guess she won’t be sticking her tongue out at as much anymore. 

9 month checkup

20 lbs 6 oz – 75th % 

27.5 inches – 75th %

Ella’s 9 month appointment went very well.  Her height and weight are at about the same percentile now.  Her head is still big though.  I forget what the measurement was, but it was in the 90th percentile.  What can I say, she takes after her daddy.  🙂  Ella is right where she should be or a little bit ahead.  The doctor was impressed with Ella’s pointing at things , she said it is usually closer to 1 year before  babies do that.  Ella also made it very difficult for the doctor to listen to her heart, she kept grabbing the stethoscope, and then the ear and eye checkers.  We have been given the ok to give Ella yogurt/cheese, egg yolks and meat.

Look at me!

Ella has a new trick – she can go up stairs!  i took Ella out of her highchair and let her crawl around on the floor as I picked up our lunch dishes.  She was crawling towards the dogs at the front door so I go and put our dishes in the sink.  I was going to go around the other way and surprise her, but she had the surprise for me.  She had climbed up the first 2 steps!  I guess it is time to put the baby gate up on the stairs or close the pocket doors so she can’t get into the dining room.

Who needs clothes?

Today I went to get Ella after her nap and her arm was naked.  Somehow she managed to pull one of her arms out of the sleeve of her shirt.  Her shirt was over her head and on one arm but the rest of her bare.  And she has also taken to pulling off her socks in the car.  I tried to tell her that it is the wrong time of year to try and run around naked, it’s too cold. 

9 months

Ella is 9 months old!  She has the official measure and weigh in next week at her doctor’s appointment.  No shots this time, yeah!  Unless they want her to get a flu vaccine.  Here is a picture of her eating her cheerios and banana like a big girl.  And here is a video of her playing.  I got that toy on craigslist for $15 and it has been the best 15 dollars I have spent on toys for her.  She loves climbing on it!

eating 9 months