Just a quick note that Ella is really working on the da-da thing.ย  She’s been making da-da sounds for months now, but I’m thinking she’s going to start associating that sound with me.ย  Of course, she has probably known for months that I = da-da, but she’s waiting for a good time (right before Christmas) to lay that on me so that I’ll be even more likely to get her some cool toys…

On other fronts she has taken to pointing at things that she wants, and we think she’s working on popping out another tooth or two (evidenced by her playing with her jaw a bit and the big puddle of drool she woke up in after a nap a couple of days ago).

7 thoughts on “da-da

  1. Eric

    Hmm, a dissenting view on the alleged “da-da” explanation holds that the verbalization in question is REALLY “ga-pa”.

    Further support may be ONLY available from Fred Frick!


    “ga-pa” Peterson

  2. sarah

    OK, daddy whatever you want to think. I would actually have to agree that ga-pa will probably come before dada. She seems to like the ‘ga’ and ‘pa’ sounds the most. Of course she already calls me mom. But only when she is upset and crying and probably has no idea what she is saying. Why can’t she want to go to mom when she is in a good mood?

  3. Jeremy

    She wants to go to dad when she’s in a good mood because everyone knows dad (and grand-dads) are more fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sarah

    I just wanted to let everyone know how well Ella is doing with recognizing dada. We were all at the fabric store today and she kept pointing at the batting and saying ‘dada’. I was dying with laughter. Jeremy didn’t think it was quite as funny.

  5. Ga-Pa Frick

    I definately understood Ella to say Ga-Pa the other day. It went something like this…
    “Hi Ga-Pa. How have you been? I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately with my teeth. Did I tell you about the great trip I took out to see Ga-Pa Peterson & some other people? Do you think later we might take a walk around the room? I’d love to point out a number of items of interest, to you. Oh hey Ga-Pa I saw Da-Da to the other day in the fabric store.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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