Come rescue me

Ella has figured out how to scale her hands up the side of her crib and stand up.  The past 2 days we have had ‘issues’ with naptime because Ella would stand up and cry instead of sleep.  I couldn’t figure out how she was pulling herself up because I didn’t think she could reach the railing of the crib.  Well today I saw her crawl over to the back door and scale her hands up the side to get to kneeling and then to standing.  Hopefully this is a short lived novelty and she will realize that naptime is for sleeping.

4 thoughts on “Come rescue me

  1. Uncle Mark

    Oh Ella! You should have enrolled in the “Mark Peterson No Naps, Play all the time Nursery School!” It’s lot of fun, plus I hear they just got root beer drinking fountains!

  2. sarah Post author

    No pics yet, I haven’t had the camera ready. I will try and get one when she gets up from her nap this afternoon.

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