Monthly Archives: October 2007


Just a quick note that Ella is really working on the da-da thing.  She’s been making da-da sounds for months now, but I’m thinking she’s going to start associating that sound with me.  Of course, she has probably known for months that I = da-da, but she’s waiting for a good time (right before Christmas) to lay that on me so that I’ll be even more likely to get her some cool toys…

On other fronts she has taken to pointing at things that she wants, and we think she’s working on popping out another tooth or two (evidenced by her playing with her jaw a bit and the big puddle of drool she woke up in after a nap a couple of days ago).

First Sleepover

Ella (well actually mom and dad) survived her first sleep over.  She went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Frick while mom and dad went out to dinner and spent a night in Buffalo.  Grandma and Grandpa said she did great.  And Mom and Dad got to sleep in (till 8!) since there was no baby or dogs waking them up by 6 am. 

5 minute nap

Ella has done this a few times and did it again today.  We were on our way back home to take a nap and she fell asleep in the car.  So I take my drowsy baby upstairs to her crib where she promptly wakes up and decides 5 minutes is more than enough sleep.  Which would be fine if she wasn’t so cranky! 

Denver, CO

Ella, Mommy and Daddy all survived Ella’s first plane trip.  We went out to visit Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Jason.  Ella was very good on the plane.  A bit antsy but who doesn’t get antsy after sitting on a plane for a few hours.  Here are some pictures from the trip.  Ella stretching her legs in JFK – Ella and Dad looking at Zebras at the Denver zoo – Ella with Grandma and Grandpa.

airport zoo denver