Daily Archives: August 31, 2007


Elizabeth is getting more serous about this crawling business.  She pushes up with her arms and gets her belly off the floor.  But she pushes backwards with her arms instead of pulling forward.  If she is on our hardwood floors she will push herself backwards several feet at a time.  But since she is usually trying to get to a toy she eventually realizes she is getting further away instead of closer and then has a breakdown and starts crying.

Would you like some, Lily?

Would ya? . . . HaHa, it tastes so good and you can’t have any ’cause I ate it all.

That is what Ella would have been saying this morning if she could talk.  Lily has found that if she sits near the baby’s highchair she might get some food if Ella is feeding herself some little puffs (similar to cheerios).  Well today Ella was teasing Lily and offering her a puff until she decided to eat it herself and popped it in her mouth.