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Elizabeth is getting more serous about this crawling business.  She pushes up with her arms and gets her belly off the floor.  But she pushes backwards with her arms instead of pulling forward.  If she is on our hardwood floors she will push herself backwards several feet at a time.  But since she is usually trying to get to a toy she eventually realizes she is getting further away instead of closer and then has a breakdown and starts crying.

Would you like some, Lily?

Would ya? . . . HaHa, it tastes so good and you can’t have any ’cause I ate it all.

That is what Ella would have been saying this morning if she could talk.  Lily has found that if she sits near the baby’s highchair she might get some food if Ella is feeding herself some little puffs (similar to cheerios).  Well today Ella was teasing Lily and offering her a puff until she decided to eat it herself and popped it in her mouth.

She takes after her mommy

Elizabeth is not a fan of mashed potatoes either.  But she did do a bit better than her mom did with her first bite of potato so dad thinks there may be hope.  She eagerly ate the first bite and then got a look of horror on her face.  She took the second bite but when it tasted the same as the first she let it roll out of her mouth.  And then she refused to open her mouth for the third byte.  Oh well, we’ll try again tomorrow or the next day.

Getting ready to cruise?

I think Ella is getting ready to start cruising (walking holding furniture).  She has gotten pretty good at walking holding someone hands.  And in the last week she has been able to stand up on her own holding onto a table or toy.  She did attempt to move her hands on the table and then try to take a step but she had moved her hands too far out and almost did a face plant when she tried to move her feet – whoops!

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Ella has become a rolling machine.  She will roll several times in a row to move across the room.  She still usually rolls in slow motion though, so it can take her a while to get anywhere.  A couple days of ago she rolled into Lily’s side and then got upset when she couldn’t roll any further no matter how hard she tried.  Lily was really good about it and just gave Ella a ‘what the heck are you doing’ look.

C is for cookie

Well, I guess it is not really a cookie, but close enough.  Here is Ella eating her first baby biscuit.  She wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first but then realized she could gnaw on.  I’m not sure she actually ate any of it, she dropped half of it on the floor (Lily and Claire say thank you) and the rest seemed to be smeared all over her high chair.

cookie1    cookie2

Peas? . . . no thank you

Well Elizabeth has finished her first 3 days of peas and we can move onto trying something else.   Not such a big fan of the peas.  She didn’t spit them out but she didn’t open her mouth for more.  If I mixed them with a little sweet potato she would eat them though so there is hope.  Maybe we will go with a new fruit before trying another green veggie.

6 month checkup

18 lbs 11 oz – 90%

26 inches – 60%

Her height is catching up!  at 4 months she was 90th percentile for weight and only 50th for height.  The doctor said Elizabeth looked great and seemed to be a very happy baby.  Ella got 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine today, she is still not a big fan of the shots.  But she is looking forward to her 9 month checkup because she heard there are no shots at that one.