Dinner with Santa at church.  I contemplated not going, Jeremy is out of town, I had to take all three girls to Abby’s swim lesson,  it was close to the younger two’s  bedtime but I’m glad we went.  Mia was so excited to see Santa at dinner … as long as he didn’t get too close.   She loved when he read a book about the real meaning of Christmas but she wasn’t sure about a picture [as you can see].  Ella and Abby had a good time talking to Santa and liked listening to his story.  Abby was relieved when I said she didn’t have to sit on his lap, she could just stand next to Santa. An improvement from last year when she hid behind Mia’s stroller and said “Santa can check my Amazon wishlist”.


Happy 3rd Birthday Maria


Our baby is 3, where has the time gone?  In some ways she seems older than that and in other ways she is definitely still our baby.  Her vocabulary and thought process is more advanced than her sisters at this age but she is much more likely to whine and cry than they were if we don’t understand what she is saying or if we do understand and tell her no.

Maria loves to read books and sing songs. She knows her colors and shapes, can count to be 20 and can name some written numbers and letters.  She likes art projects with tape and glue.  Her favorite shows and toys are Minnie Mouse and Peppa Pig.

Abby’s lunch with Principal.

Abby was invited to lunch with the principal yesterday.   She was the first kid selected from her class.  She was chosen for being an excellent bucket filler and displaying September’s character trait of respect (which they simplified to listening and following
directions for kindergarteners).  Abby was a little nervous about it the night before but after said it was fun and she wished her whole class got to go to lunch with the principal.




Summer Soccer

After playing T-ball this spring Abby decided that maybe soccer would be more fun so we signed her up for the rec center summer soccer league. I had asked her several times in the past but I guess it took her sister signing up to make Ella decide she wanted to try soccer too. So that is how the Frick family ended up at soccer fields (pitch) 3 nights a week this summer. Mondays and Wednesdays for Ella and Tuesdays for Abby. Abby played on her cousins’ team at least we had someone else to talk to while watching all the 4 and 5 year olds either sit in the field or all swarm the ball.

Abby and Ella both enjoyed soccer and want to do the indoor league later this fall. Neither of them are overly aggressive. We had to tell them it was ok to keep going after the ball until you or someone else on your team gets the ball. Abby was concerned about letting the other team get a turn with the ball. Ella was at a bit of a disadvantage because most of the kids she was playing with had played for a few years already. She ran around a lot but didn’t necessarily touch the ball that much. But she was running around having fun and seemed to take the constructive critism from her coach fairly well. Not so much if mom or dad tried to tell her the same thing. Ahhh, parenting an 8 year old. 😉

Here are some action shots of Abby and Ella.

They both were always excited when it was their turn to play goalie.

Need to catch up …

Taking a look at the blog I realized that there are a lot of events I recorded on Facebook but not on our blog. I’m not under the impression that someone is out there anxiously awaiting my blog posts but I do like to look back at them from time to time and it is much nicer to do that on the blog than Facebook. And I’m much more likely to do this as a digital scrapbook of the kids than make a physical scrapbook, like out of paper … who uses paper anymore? 😉

Bhahaha .. I just discovered I can pre-date my posts. No one will ever know I did them in some cases months after the fact.

Abby goes to Kindergarten

Abby has anxiously been waiting for this day since she finished preschool last spring. Her first day of school she gets to go with mom and dad. The buses pick up the older kids (like big sister Ella) at the normal time the first day and then go back out to pick up the kindergartners and their parents. Abby thought it was cool that you didn’t have to wear a seatbelt on the bus. At school we all went to Abby’s classroom to meet the teacher and get her settled. After that the kids stayed in the classroom and the parents went to cafeteria to meet the new principle and the support staff at the school. We all went back home on the bus and got home in time for lunch. A pretty short first day.

Abby the Kindergartner

Abby and Daddy on the bus

And here she is on her first full day of school getting on the bus with her sister. 2 down 1 left at home.


3rd Grade

Ella’s movin’ on up to the elementary school after 3 years at the primary school. She will still ride the same bus, the bus drops off at both schools, so Abby and Ella will ride the same bus be at different schools. Ella is excited to start Math lessons again and to go to the library because it is on the 3rd floor of the school.

There’s always room for Jello

After several months of being a dog free home Jeremy and I decided we were ready to get another dog. We had been debating getting a puppy or an older dog. There are pros and cons to both of them. Ella had been looking up information and writing persuasive essays on getting a golden retriever for our family. It was a breed that Jeremy and I had already been talking about so we talked to a golden retriever breeder who lives nearby but decided we weren’t quite ready for another dog. We did tell her that if she ever knew of an older dog to keep us in mind. A few months later shortly after we decided we were ready for another dog and were starting our search for a dog we got a call back from the breeder that she had a 2 year old female available She brought “Jello” over to our house for a visit and we decided that she would be a good fit for us but the timing was slightly off. We were going camping the next week and then would be watching Jeremy’s aunt’s puppy for 10 days. Kathy, the breeder, was nice enough to have Jello spayed while we were on vacation and keep her at her house recovering until we were done watching the puppy. Ella, Abby and Mia enjoyed watching and helping out with the puppy and were really excited to get our dog afterwards. Jello has settled in nicely. She is really calm for a 2 year old. She does like to retrieve – shoes, remotes, toys. A nice side effect of getting Jello is that the girls finally better about keep their toys in the toy room (aka dining room). Jello does occasionally get the “zoomies” and run around crazy in the yard. The girls, especially Mia, think this is hilarious. They love to throw the ball for her.






Goodbye Lily

I didn’t get to say goodbye and give you one last hug but know that you are loved and missed.

It seems like just yesterday we were driving back from Canada with Lily on my lap. It’s hard to believe she world have been 11 this month.


Lily loved people,  she never met anyone she didn’t want to greet by jumping on,  licking or both. 

Lily has always loved kids and would always want to stop and play when we would see some on our walks.  When Ella was a baby she would always check the house and find out where Ella was located.  She especially loved it once the girls got a little older and would feed her from their highchairs.

Lily never liked for you to be upset or crying, she would come over, lay down and nuzzle you. One night baby Ella was having a particularly bad night and we couldn’t get her to settle down, I had to convince Lily it really was ok the baby was crying.  After several long minutes of laying down Lily stood up gave a big sigh and went downstairs to find somewhere quiet where she wouldn’t have to listen to all the crying.


Lily loved playing in the snow and going for walks/runs and was really in her element if you combined the two.  Even as her arthritis got worse if you mentioned the word “walk” she would scramble the best she could to her feet and bark excitedly.

Lily’s health had been deteriorating this past year, her arthritis was getting worse and she developed bladder stones.  We knew her time was getting closer especially once her sister Claire passed, she just wasn’t the active dog she once was.  Knowing it’s coming and that it’s for the best doesn’t make it easier to say- goodbye Lily.

Hugs and kisses.